Shared Values


Connect-Collaborate-Co-create and foster synergistic efforts among all stake-holders to strengthen start-up eco-system.

  • Create a strong network of start-ups, mentors, coach, business leaders and other interested individuals to strengthen the eco-system.
  • Encourage and cultivate the idea of shared economy to benefit all the stake-holders in the start-up eco-system.
  • Promote social entrepreneurship to create an equitable environment and also to address United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals.


  • Providing mentoring support to budding entrepreneurs.
  • Connect with the VCs, Angel investors and other individuals to make access to capital easier to the start-up.
  • Creating an interface among all stake-holders and pass the resources / energy to fuel entrepreneurism.
  • Skilling and re-skilling the youth on various emerging areas.
  • Connect with the educational institutions and support them in creating a sustainable entrepreneurial eco-system and support the same.

Shared Values
Together we can achieve and achieve more.